Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Hire of Chartham Village Hall

Our Hirers

 Must be over 21 years of age at time of booking.
 Are responsible for the safety and security of the building, surrounding areas and occupants.
 Need to appoint a person to contact the emergency services if required.

Making a Booking

 Bookings should be made using our online booking system.
 You can only use the hall once your booking has been ‘confirmed’ on the system and after you have paid the full amount of your hire fee.
 Bookings need to be made with at least 5 days notice to allow for processing.
 Provisional bookings will only be held for 10 days.
 We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any booking. Please note, we do not accept bookings for teenage and young persons’ parties up to the age of 21. 
 Bookings cancelled due to the hall being required as a Polling Station or similar, will receive a full refund.

Cancellation Policy

Chartham Village Hall is a facility for the community and we do not wish to penalise hirers when there is a genuine reason for cancellation.  However, very late cancellations prevent others from booking a slot and as a charity Chartham Village Hall members are legally responsible to run the hall efficiently and well.  Therefore, the following sliding scale is in place:

  • Cancellations up to 4 weeks – A full refund of the 50% booking fee, plus any deposit
  • Cancellations between 4 weeks and 2 weeks – 50% of booking fee will be returned.
  • Cancellations less than 2 weeks – No refund.


 To secure your booking, 50% of the booking fee is required within 10 days of the booking being confrmed, or immediately if within that 10 day period
 Hire fee balance must be paid at least 15 days before the hire date.
 Receipt of the 50% booking fee is confirmation that you have read and agreed to our terms and conditions
 For all single use bookings, £100 refundable deposit is payable on booking. This can be paid by a separate cheque, which will only be withheld if loss or damage is found at the hall or to property belonging to Chartham Village Hall or complaints arise from significant noise or disruption following an inspection of the hall{s} after your event.  Alternatively, the deposit can be paid by bank transfer at the same time as the 50% booking fee, which will be sent back to you within one month of hire following inspection of the hall{s} as above.
 If alcohol is being provided or sold you’ll need to declare this when booking. See below for policy on selling alcohol.
 Making a payment by online banking: Chartham Village Hall Fund, sort code: 30 64 57, account
number: 35462660
 Cheques: payable to Chartham Village Hall Fund, posted to: Bookings secretary, c/o Chartham
Village Hall, Station Road, Chartham, CT4 7JA


Currently under review.

Use of Chartham Village Hall

 SMOKING – Chartham Village Hall is a strictly NO SMOKING venue. No smoking or vaping is allowed on the premises or in the grounds of the hall, except in the designated area of the car park.
 Other smoking devices such as electronic cigarettes are also prohibited.
The number of people in the main hall should not be more than:

Closely Seated Audience 140
Seated at Tables (Main Hall) 120
Theatre Style 120 + 20 Performers
Dancing 140
Mixed Occupancy 100 (tables with dancing area)

If more than 100 people are present please ensure you have at least 2 stewards.

 If doing sport, please use non-marking sports shoes.
 The rooms are blank canvases for you to furnish. Please don’t use nails, pins or Sellotape in the
 Chairs and tables are provided for your use. You will need to set up, clean and clear away all
equipment used. Equipment needs to put back where it came from.
 You may only use the rooms you’ve hired and for the purpose stated when booking.
 No sub-hiring.
 Ensure the hall isn’t being used for anything illegal or in an illegal way, including breaching the
law on Gaming, Betting and Lotteries.
 No smoke machines.
 No animals, except guide dogs and those registered for people with disabilities, unless agreed
with the booking secretary.
 No fly posting or unauthorised advertising of events.

Health and Safety

 A First Aid kit is in the main hall kitchen next to the serving hatch and also in the bottom draw near
the urn.
 You and your stewards need to read the fire evacuation procedures before you start setting up
your event.
 Check all fire escapes are unlocked and not blocked.
 Check the location of the fire extinguishers and fire blankets.
 Assembly Point is on the Memorial Field
 The fire brigade should be called to any outbreak of fire, however slight. Full details need to be
passed to the bookings secretary.

Fire Exits

 To the left of the main hall (out into the patio and through the gates onto the field / or
follow the building round to the right to the car park)
 At the back of the main hall kitchen (out and turn left towards the car park)
 To the ‘river’ side of the small hall (out and turn right towards the car park)
 To the ‘Memorial Field’ side from the lounge (out and turn left towards the car park)
 Through the main entrance doors


 Water fire extinguishers are located in Small Hall and Main Hall
 CO2 extinguishers (electrical fires) on the stage and in the main hall kitchen
 Fat chemical extinguisher (cooking oil fires) in the main hall kitchen
 Fire blankets in the kitchen and kitchenette.


 We hold a licence with the Performing Rights Society for the performance of copyright music.
 If your event requires other kinds of licences you’ll need to send these to the booking secretary
when you book.
 Chartham Village Hall is not responsible for breach of licencing laws, it is the hirers responsibility.


 Zinc Mobile Bars are our registered licensees. By law no one else is licenced to sell alcohol.
 No hirer is permitted to sell alcohol; only Zinc Mobile Bars may do so.
 When using Zinc Bars you are not permitted to bring in your own alcohol as well.
 You are permitted to bring your own alcohol as long as you don’t sell it.
 As noted above: If alcohol is being provided or sold you need to declare this when booking. The £100 refundable deposit will be withheld if loss or damage is found to the hall or to property belonging to Chartham Village Hall or complaints arise from significant noise or disruption as a result of alcohol.


 You’re welcome to prepare food in our kitchen / kitchenette.
 Please observe health and safety guidelines when using hot appliances.
 Please ensure you clear up after you, empty out the fridges and freezers and dispose of or take away any food left over.
 Observe food health and hygiene legislation.


 Please keep noise to a minimum when entering and leaving the building, to respect our
 All activities need to cease by 11.00am, including music and performance of plays. Special permission will be given to extend this time to 01.00 a.m. for New Year’s eve.
 Please make sure you don’t disturb other people using our facilities.

Children and Vulnerable Adults

 Ensure all children and vulnerable adults are supervised at all times.
 Bouncy castles are only allowed in the main hall. The maximum height of any bouncy castle is 3.3m / 11ft. For the safety of users and to ensure no damage to the lights, bouncy castle can only be positioned near the stage between the lines of lights.  Public Liability Insurance for use of the castle is your responsibility and is not covered by the village hall’s insurance policy.
 Check that you follow all legislation relating to participating children and vulnerable adults.
 The play area (swings etc) outside does not belong to the village hall. children are not allowed to play out in this area when dark, to limit noise disruption and to keep them safe.
 We don’t have a nappy disposal unit, therefore please dispose of them responsibly by taking them away with you.

Electrical Equipment

Electrical Equipment
 If you bring any electrical equipment onto the premises you need to check it is safe and in good working order.  All electrical equipment must be used safely.
 All equipment needs to have a current appliance test certificate.
 The main hall has a small PA system suitable for the playing of low-level background music. For live music events and discos you will need to provide your own professional PA system including speakers.


 All accidents need to be reported to the bookings secretary.
 Log all accidents in the village hall Accident Book (bottom drawer in the kitchen).
 Tell the bookings secretary if any of our equipment / resources fail or break.
 If there are any incidents which would need to be reported to comply with the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 (RIDDOR) then please inform the booking secretary.


 We are not responsible for loss or damage to property you or your guests bring into the hall.
 We are not responsible for the death or injury of any person on our premises, unless the cause was negligence on our part.
 We are not responsible for any losses incurred when an event is cancelled due to the temporary or permanent closure of the hall. Usually this will be because of machinery or electricity failure, water leakage, fire, government restriction or acts of God.
 The hirer shall indemnify Chartham Village Hall against any claims, demands, actions, proceedings costs or expenses arising from the hiring or use of the Hall.
 If any damage or loss to the premises, within the hall or it’s surrounds, whilst you are hiring, you will need to make good at your own expense.
 If the premises are to be hired for a public event for which tickets will be sold, public liability insurance in the sum of £5m MUST be obtained by the Hirer and a copy submitted to the Village Hall’s management before the event.
 If you need to have a public entertainment licence you will need to apply and give a copy to the Village Hall’s management before the event.

Leaving the Hall


Leaving the Hall
 Read and follow the “leaving checklist for hirers”. Link is on the Chartham Parish Council website.  Here are a few pointers:
o Clean and put furniture / equipment away in the right place
o Secure doors and windows
o Turn off equipment, including water urn
o Clean the hall and kitchens
o Empty bins and put in service area
o Glass needs to be taken away with you
o Return key to the appointed person or place

To download a copy of the Terms and Conditions, please click here.

To view the “Leaving Checklist” for hirers, please click here.