Neighbourhood Plan


The Parish Council voted at its meeting held on 09 July 2019 to proceed with producing a Neighbourhood Plan subject to establishing parishioner support for a plan and being able to secure additional funding to cover the likely large costs associated with producing a plan.

A public meeting was subsequently held on 14 September 2019 and in total 121 votes were cast (included those via email in the lead up to the meeting), of which 114 were in favour and 07 against. The Parish Council was informed of the public vote at its meeting on 08 October 2019 and agreement was given to go ahead. A steering group has therefore been formed from residents who have volunteered to start producing the Neighbourhood Plan.

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Steering Group Minutes and Agendas

21 May 2020 – Agenda,

14 May 2020 – Agenda, Minutes

06 May 2020 – Agenda (Meeting not held as it was not quorate)

28 April 2020 – Agenda, Minutes

21 April 2020 – Agenda, Minutes

14 April 2020 – Agenda, Minutes

07 April 2020 – Agenda, Minutes

31 March 2020 – Agenda, Minutes

13 March 2020 – Agenda, Minutes

28 February 2020 – Agenda, Minutes

14 February 2020 – Agenda, Minutes

01 February 2020 – Agenda, Minutes

Useful Links:

Powerpoint presentation given at the Public Meeting

Information Leaflet

Steering Group Terms of Reference